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SABFoil Tortuga kits

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Tortuga kits are our go-to choice for learning and progression in wingfoiling
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The Tortuga kits offer a medium aspect front wing with large volume and surface area and they are our go-to recommendation for riders in South Africa who are wanting to learn to wingfoil at any inland dam or lighter wind location.

They are easy to learn on without having the “dragging-a-bag-of-cement” feel that some beginner friendly foils can have and they are playful enough to satisfy most needs for intermediate level wingers at these same locations.

The W1100 (2100sqcm) kit is “the one” for most people and heavier riders (over 100kg) or those in super light wind locations, can choose the W1250 (2400sqcm) for optimum efficiency.

For 2024, all of the SAB kits are supplied with a sanded “Pro Finish” and the kits come complete with a titanium quick release setup allowing you to fit and remove the foil from the board/plate with just a few turns of one screw.
All kits are also supplied with a SABfoil bag.

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